Modelling Contest: Common Component Modelling Example (CoCoME)

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Welcome to the CoCoME - The Common Component Modelling Example


Component-based software development (CBSD) has changed the current paradigm of software development. As systems become more and more complex, CBSD is to a greater extend applied in industry and plays a more and more important role in research.
In order to leverage CBSD to build correct and dependable component-based systems, research has developed various formal and semi-formal component models. However, many of these component models like DisCComp, Fractal, Focus, or UML Extensions concentrate on different yet related aspects of component modelling. These are for instance communication issues or performance aspects. This hinders their validation for practical usage.
Therefore, the main goal of the research seminar is to evaluate and compare the practical appliance of existing component models using a common component-based system as modelling example.

News and Announcements

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